Summer Solstice

A time to align with the activating beauty of Nature and experience balanced inner joy! As pure happiness is not an emotional state, or an accidental occurrence, Yoga and Ayurveda both encourage the intentional practice of Seasonal rhythms, the yoga of conscious harmony. Summer Solstice energy is about gathering in community, celebrating the rituals of bliss, and cultivating compassion . These gatherings become our personal rituals for the rest of the year!




Nidhi Adhiya Huba

Wisdom Yoga Mama, Light seeker, Creative Channel, Spirit Spinner and Chanting Culinary Siren.

She forges Practice with all the reasons why, who, what & when to help bring change in the DNA pattern and lineage. She helps with tools of yoga, energy healing, counseling, hypnosis, EFT, Crystal therapy to instill Grace & Ease in her clients lives.

Her tattwa power is also the water and she is happiest chanting on H2O and creating Flow for all who seek her.

She has studied and practiced the Vedic Sciences since a child learning from her matriarchal

lineage in India and from the many Wise Masters she has met on her Path.

Lea Kraemer

Yogini, Vedic Vortex of info, Prana Mandir director and Devi. She is yoga in every breath and action, and offers Kriya Yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Meditation and Ayurveda with equal passion. Her spiritual tools help you de-stress un-ravel & Light Up. Lea’s tattwa power is the radiance impact of the Sun, a fire for compassion & dynamic healing.

She has created studios, teacher training intensive courses, and international retreats that move people to the true essence of Yoga.

  • Welcome Circle and First Hatha & Kriya Yoga Practice.
  • Dinner & Sound Healing with Yoga NIdra.
  • Peace Prayer 6/18 Welcome Circle and First Hatha & Kriya Yoga Practice.
  • Dinner & Sound Healing with Yoga NIdra.
  • Peace Prayer Day Practices for planetary peace and inner healing.
  • Clearing & Clarity Day Practices to detox.
  • De stress and cut cords that no longer serve.
  • Solstice Bring on the Light! Dance.
  • Yoga and invoking practices for LIght and Harmony.
  • Closing Circle Yoga.
  • Dedication, and Breath walk of Harmony.

May 2021 Retreat, Costa Rica

May 2022 Retreat, Costa Rica

In a nurturing environment you are invited to delve into your Joyous Nature. Each retreat will draw upon the elements of the Earth Mother, Gaia and using the nature as a background for the deep inner work to heal, empower, rest and instill deep peace. Each retreat is unique and creates deep bonds with the participants and the inner child within.

Blissbabes revealed the sisterhood I had been searching for. I found the healers to be authentically loving and emphatic. I experienced a welcoming weekend with women from all walks I did not know prior to the Blissbabes retreat. We were united with our search of purpose, healing, and finding our voice. I left Blissbabes having let go of my pain, prepared to overcome my fears, and a full heart of love for myself, those I had this unique experience with, and the world."

I had the pleasure of first having an in person healing with Nidhi several years ago. I was attending a retreat she was co-facilitating and the first kundalini session she delivered just cracked me wide open and she was there to support me in processing the childhood traumas i had been carrying with me for decades. She provided a life-changing crystal healing and guided mediation and I left that retreat feeling a weightlessness that I had never known. Because of how powerful our first session was, I made it my mission to continue working with Nidhi as often as I could. The catch was that I lived in NYC and she was in Woodstock and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to see her as much as I wanted to. Needless to say, I jumped at the offer when Nidhi suggested a skype or facetime session. To my initial surprise, our virtual session proved to be just as powerful and healing as the time we spent together in person. Our skype sessions allowed me to continue working through the issues we first encountered along with other issues that I needed guidance around as time went on. Nidhi’s intuition and nourishing healings transcend space and are delivered impeccably in a virtual setting. In fact, time spent in a virtual session with Nidhi will probably the most valuable time you have ever spent on your cell phone. Book one for yourself ASAP!

Thank you Nidhi, for being one of the few “real deal” healers I have found and for working so hard to make your gifts accessible to those who need them most.

Nidhi has taught teacher trainings for my organization, Ashrams for Autism and I have hired her to also teach at my retreats as well as participating in some of hers. She is channel for Divine Mother and has a deep well of wisdom and compassion to share. I highly encourage working with her in retreats and personally.

I came up for a solo retreat at a pivotal point in my life and left Nidhi’s Peace Cottage in Woodstock where she holds private retreat sessions with so much clarity. I am signing up for regular getaways, it is worth years of therapy in one weekend!

Bliss Babes is not only fun it gave me tools and a recharge I so needed to upgrade my business strategy and personal life! I loved all the women
That were there and forged some bonds.

Somehow amongst a group of strangers I felt almost instantly amongst family during this retreat. Cleo and Nidhi not only created an environment where all could feel safe, nurtured, vulnerable, and supported, but also held space for anything that could come up in between. I came away from this trip with new insights, skills, resources, and a sense of wholeness and peace that I continue to carry with me.

Past Retreat Offerings

Sister Circle
Agni Puja ( fire ceremony)
Medical Medium dinner & info session w Emma
Star Soul Retrieval meditation

Tibetan Rites Nejang practice for self-healing & beauty
Prasad Practice-Offering to the Ancestors of the South
EFT for Peace with Jen
Rainbow Light Pranayama Breath
Kriya Practice to unload the Pain of Perpetual Memories
Guided Quantum Hypnosis & Crystal Sound Healing
Stream Silence
Ayurvedic cooking & Gayatri Mantra blessing
Fire Puja ceremony
Goddess Dance with Lisa
Star Soul retrieval

Tibetan 5 rites yoga
Subagh Kriya
Green Energy practice
Sound & Crystal Healing
Face Yoga
Empowered Declarations
Closing Circle

Joy, sharing, and transmitting the Light has been the mission for Nidhi for decades. Are you ready to embody the true nature of Love, learn ritual and kriya to create your best reality, receive deep transformational healing, and be in Bliss? Join us and let your Goddess Shine.Create a personal practice that will continue the momentum of the retreat, there is space and a need for you in this Universe to Shine!.

Past Facilitators

Marcy Clark

Public Speaking, Personal Branding & Vocals Coach

Vanessa Dunleavy

BUTI Yoga, Vinyasa, Pilates, & Broadway Performer

Paige Welborn

Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher

Lisa Zarowitz

Goddess Dance choreography in the Tri-State area