When women can unite, connect, and forge bonds to their own Self and to the collective Sisterhood there is noting they cannot Manifest…

You are invited to learn life-changing divine feminine practices that stoke the metabolism and cultivate inner light and peace.

Nidhi Huba

Private Retreats arranged upon request

Practice with Nidhi Adhiya-Huba who was personally encouraged on the path of Yoga &Shamanic healing by her own guides and ancestors. Nidhi has trained with many yoga and spiritual masters from her homeland of India and abroad. Ayurveda, Healing, and Alchemy is in her lineage and is her passion.

She has practiced with native elders, Tibetan Doctors, and Llama’s, sound, and crystal healers over the decades of her quest and vision for uplifting humanity and incorporates crystals, sounds, aromatherapy, and her gift of channeling the divine spirit in all she does. Each retreat has a ceremony with a blend of different traditions. Nidhi has the gift of guiding each person to a transformative practice that will resonate with their goal. Bliss Babes was conceived with her wish for a safe space for people to connect with the divine feminine and create lasting harmony in their lives.

Peace on earth begins with each heart tuning into their bliss and sharing this to expand the portal of Love on this planet and brining our frequency to Peace

Marcy Clark

Public Speaking, Personal Branding & Vocals Coach

Vanessa Dunleavy

BUTI Yoga, Vinyasa, Pilates, & Broadway Performer

Paige Welborn

Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher

Lisa Zarowitz

Goddess Dance choreography in the Tri-State area

In the nurturing environment of nature you are invited to step gracefully into your divine feminine leader. In a fun and safe circle, we will delve deep into sacred practices that help women open up their divine feminine energy and form deeper, more meaningful connections with each other.

Past Retreat Offerings

Sister Circle
Agni Puja ( fire ceremony)
Medical Medium dinner & info session w Emma
Star Soul Retrieval meditation

Tibetan Rites Nejang practice for self-healing & beauty
Prasad Practice-Offering to the Ancestors of the South
EFT for Peace with Jen
Rainbow Light Pranayama Breath
Kriya Practice to unload the Pain of Perpetual Memories
Guided Quantum Hypnosis & Crystal Sound Healing
Stream Silence
Ayurvedic cooking & Gayatri Mantra blessing
Fire Puja ceremony
Goddess Dance with Lisa
Star Soul retrieval

Tibetan 5 rites yoga
Subagh Kriya
Green Energy practice
Sound & Crystal Healing
Face Yoga
Empowered Declarations
Closing Circle

Joy, sharing, and transmitting the Light has been the mission for Nidhi for decades. Are you ready to embody the true nature of Love, learn ritual and kriya to create your best reality, receive deep transformational healing, and be in Bliss? Join us and let your Goddess Shine. Create a personal active meditation practice and have the experience of leading a divine feminine circle and Kundalini exercises with the group.

Nicole Fleisher

I came up for a solo retreat at a pivotal point in my life and left Nidhi’s Peace Cottage in Woodstock where she holds private retreat sessions with so much clarity.  I am signing up for regular getaways, it is worth years of therapy in one weekend !